Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
05.11.09 14:47

Sequences 2009 November 5th

15.00 Imagined Death, performance by Anita Wernstrom (SE) A new work inspired by the death of the dancer Isadora Duncan (1878–1927), a pioneering performance artist and feminist. Her long flowing scarf got caught in the wheel of a car and strangled her, the death seems so choreographed and dramatic. http://www.anitawernstrom.com/ Lost Horse gallery, Vitastigur 9a, 101 Reykjavik


17.00 Video Screening Event: Vitaskuld, Auðvitað! by Icelandic Love Corporation (IS) An edited video version of a live event that The Icelandic Love Corporation made for the project Stray Beacons at Reykjavik Art Festival in 2009. The work was performed at a live event the 17th May 2009 along with brass band Svanurinn at Garðskagi-lighthouse in Reykjanes Peninsula. Regnboginn Cinema, Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík


17.00 Video Screening Event: videos by Curver Thoroddsen (IS) Four New York Minutes, 2009 Duration: 4:30 A collection of one-minute video performances made in New York spring 2009. Ode to An Ode, 2009 Duration: 3:11 An homage to the legendary 1992 video piece “Ode” by Finnbogi Pétursson. The work was commissioned by the Icelandic DVD-magazine Rafskinna and released for Issue #3 “Endurskoðun/Reflections”. http://www.ghostigital.com/ Regnboginn Cinema, Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík

17.00 Video Screening Event: An Exquisite Corpse in Nikisialka by 16 Icelandic & Polish artists An experimental film conceived at “Pisland One”, an artist residency in Nikisialka, Poland, where a group of Icelandic and Polish artists resided in the summer of 2008. Each artist was only told the last frame of the preceding action and hence a story unfolded in and of its own making. Regnboginn Cinema, Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík


17.00 Video Screen Event: Sirkus by Bjarni massi (IS) made in collaboration with Kling & bang gallery. Duration: 30 min Film about when Kling & bang re-erected Sirkus at the Frieze Art Fair in 2008. Sirkus was a Reykjavik bar, landmark, and hub of the alternative arts scene, which was due for demolition in 2008. Kling & bang gallery saved its facade and interior and opened up a branch in London during the fair. Regnboginn Cinema, Hverfisgata 54, 101 Reykjavík At dusk ‘day for night’, Pernille Leggat Ramfelt (NO) Pernille Leggat Ramfelt’s films, photographs and accompanying texts investigate coexisting levels of reality and the mediated through the recording and reporting of current events. “day for night”, a 16 mm film projected at specific times each day, a blind, an intervention http://www.pernille-leggat-ramfelt.net/ Lost Horse gallery, Vitastigur 9a, 101 Reykjavik


20.00 The Mind, performance by Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS) and Marcia Moraes (BR) The mind can be anything. It can be a wind in the air. It can be words appearing in the room with a video projection, it can be shown in a conversation. It can be talked about in a scientific way. In the play we can jump from 1st to 3rd to 2nd person and so forth. We blend things from Theater and visual arts and music and ideas that we have heard or read in books etc. http://www.egills.de/ Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhus, Tryggvagata 17, 101 Reykjavík