Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
05.04.13 02:43

Off Venue Events Friday April 5th

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We are so happy to present an ambitous Off Venue program alongside the official program. Artists and exhibition venues have independently organized events and exhibitions to coincide with Sequences. This will happen Off Venue on the opening day, April 5th.


At noon Art Click Daily will be launched on http://www.artclickdaily.info/


A new work, Hustle and Bustle, will be added to Eygló Harðardóttir’s exhibition in ASÍ Art Museum, Freyjugata 41. (13:00-19:00)


A new work, Meteorite will be added to Unndór Egill Jónsson’s exhibition in ASÍ Art Museum, Freyjugata 41. (13:00-19:00)


Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir opens an exhibition, 9 Rooms, at gallery Þoka, Laugavegur 25 at 17:00


Hjalti Parelius opens Sequential Reality at Reykjavík Art Gallery, Skúlagata 30 at 17:00


Matthew Barney’s Drawing Restraint 17 and Blood of Two will be screened at Bíó Paradís at 18:00


Artist – on – loan is also in function now:
For one week only, starting 2nd April and running until 7th April 2013, three artists will be made available for loan via the Reykjavík City Libraries.


Commissioned by Live Art Research and Development Agency The Festival, Ásrún Magnúsdóttir, Örn Alexander Ámundason and Unnar Örn will be borrowed from the library just in the same way a library user might borrow a book or a dvd.


The artists will be borrowed with specific projects prepared, and will draw upon their own unique artist toolboxes to excavate the daily sites, situations and bodies of the borrower’s daily life.


Artists available for loan:


Ásrún Magnúsdóttir // Reykjavík Folk Dance Festival
Seeking assistance from borrowers, Ásrún will place the borrowers’ dances on her body with the ambition of choreographing a new folk dance for the nation.


Örn Alexander // Chews
Örn will create sculptures of the people he meets in the home of the borrower.


Unnar Örn // Placeholder
Unnar Örn gives city dwellers a chance to share with him and the librarian Ingibjörg Ösp Óttarsdóttir, the problems and questions that relate to collecting, sorting and disposing of the things that pile up in every home.


To loan:


Artist-On-Loan is organised by The Festival in collaboration with the Reykjavik City Libraries and curated by Alexander Roberts. The artworks all take place in the home of the borrowers and are all free of charge. To confirm a booking, one can visit the Reykjavík City Library, call 00354-6933385 or email a booking to thefestival@thefestival.is. More information on the projects can be found at www.thefestival.is.