Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
23.02.15 14:14

Artist news: Finnbogi Petursson releases his work on record

Today this physical and digital record was released with the work of Finnbogi Petursson. We do recommend loudspeakers and tuning in! Finnbogi will exhibit at Sequences. We are rather quite very super happy about that!!!
Tesla Tune (2014) is dedicated to the inventor Nikola Tesla. The piece emits sound that comes from an alternating current transformer, which is lead through a programmer (time-adjusted frequency equalizer and switch box) to channel the sound through eight different outputs—pipes. These eight pipes of different lengths hang from a ceiling, producing what seem to be different sounds, but the frequency is always the same, 60 Hz. The lengths of the pipes affect the pitch. Check it out here: