Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
16.06.15 14:24

Sequences VII in the international media


Sequences VII was featured in many international media.

Here are a few things visiting media guests had to say about it:


With all the spas and public pools around town, people kept vanishing and then reappearing—an hour here, an hour there—coming back with radiant skin. Still, everyone managed to see art and more art, from Margrét Blöndal’s form-sculptures to the New York–based Beatrice Pediconi’s immersive projections of water currents. At openings, everyone seemed to know each other. Dogs came. Sandwich crèmes were put out at one venue, and the kids roamed freely.

Dawn Chan, Artforum – read here


(Finnbogi) Petursson, who has done a number of large-scale public installations in the past, was unknown to me when I arrived in Iceland. But since then, I have not stopped thinking about “Tesla Tune,” 2015 … The crowd, instead of shuffling in and out of the space quickly, felt compelled to sit down, to move around, and spend time with the work. Eight pipes of different lengths, suspended from the ceiling, produced sounds emanating from a current transformer, producing an electric hum that changed pitch depending on the length of the pipe it was coming out of. The result was different from each position you stood in the room, harmonically and rhythmically. The repetition was hypnotic, a Steve Reich-ian mirage of sound that, quite literally, embraced the metaphor through its construction and materials. Art from the wires, the plumbing of life.

Craig Hubert, Artinfo – read here


One of the best performances we’ve seen all year might be Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson’s “The Death Show,” in the lobby of the Hotel Holt, a midcentury gem touting Iceland’s largest collection of historical art. Blending performance and painting, the post-apocalyptic weirdo (in the best sense of that word) acted out a piece involving Tostoyan soliloquys, a death contract with an unseen Creator, and a visit from a Vishnu-like goddess.

Julie Baumgardner, W-magazine – read here

Image: from Oliver Basciano, Art Review – read here via subscription



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