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09.09.08 22:13

Sequences 2007 designer nominated for IVAA

Siggi Eggertsson Sequences 2007 designer has been nominated for The Icelandic Visual Art Award. The award will be announced on September 19th 2008 in a live broadcast on national television.


This is what the IVAA panel had to say about Siggi´s work:
“The Panel of Adjudicators for Design nominates Sigurður Eggertsson (b. 1984) for the Icelandic Visual Arts Awards 2008. Sigurður, a graphic designer, is nominated for his works in 2007. His most elaborate work was for the arts festival Sequences, but also worth mentioning are his portrait series Athletes, exhibited in Vallery Gallery in Barcelona; his illustration Hrísey for Print Magazine; and his clothing print designs for Stüssy and H&M.
Sigurður has devoted himself to graphic design from a young age, and his

works contain strong literary elements that can be attributed to his surroundings and upbringing. Sigurður himself credits one of the most popular toys of the eighties, “The Transformers,” but there is also an obvious reference to Lego blocks

and the basic unit of the computer screen—the pixel—that builds on the same methodology as old Icelandic handiwork, particularly embroidery and weaving.
These works are the essence of the Zeitgeist: they embody a strong sense of heritage and romance, yet their subjects are con

temporary in a striking way. Sigurður seeks inspiration from urban society as well as an international meld of the pictorial and cultural influences that characterize the present moment.”

Siggi Eggertsson www.vanillusaft.com