Sequences | reykjavik | 6–15 October 2017
24.10.09 14:32

Seminar – (made up and let down), November 3rd 2009

(made up and let down) will form a seminar at the Nordic House, November 3rd,  as a part of the Sequences Lecture Series with a dinner event afterwards. The seminar will be an afternoon with screenings of the artist’s films, a talk by Dr. Halldór Björn Runólfsson (Director of National Gallery of Iceland) titled ‘From Frankenstein to the Romantic Woman’, and talks by the artists on the following topics: ‘Reverie as a secret window’, ‘Performance/Sculpture/Image’, ‘experiments in time’, ‘The Power of Costume’ and ’Sequence of Death’. Participating artists are Sofia Dahlgren (SWE), Line Ellegaard (DK), Pernille Leggat Ramfelt (NO), Malin Ståhl (SWE) and Anita Wernström (SWE).

The dinner is free and on a ‘first come first serve’ basis but guests need to RSVP to info@losthorse.isbeforehand.